• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Amenfi East Municipal Assembly block media coverage of MCE endorsement

The Amenfi East Municipal Assembly on Monday 4th October 2021 blocked the media from covering of the endorsement of the new MCE.

The event which saw the endorsement of the new MCE for Amenfi East Mr Fredrick Korankye over was held behind close doors afters the media representatives were denied access into the hall where the main event took place. 

According to reports, all media representatives was made to stationed far outside the assembly building under the scotching sun where they were even threatened not cross a red zone marked by the securities on post which even led to scuffle between some journalists and the  securities of the assembly.

Speaking to the issue on Rivers Anopa show, Rivers fm reporter, Kwabena Tawiah Tikesee described the situation as bizarre one and violating of press freedom. 

“What happened at the event was very strange to us because we didn’t expect such action towards media by the Municipal Assembly which suppose to know better, thus, the role the media play in the development of the Ghana’s democracy. This attitude by the assembly towards journalists at the event a clear violation free press. 

He further stated that, preventing media coverage and threatening journalists by the organisers of the event raises questions about the content of the meeting, and what the assembly was working on. 

“The assembly cannot prevent the media from covering the event and also threaten journalists at the program and never expect us to ask questions about what the assembly was up to. There was definitely something fishy the assembly didn’t want the people of Amenfi East to know hence a very reason the assembly could intimidate the media the way they did.”

After hearing the maltreatment given to journalists at the event, the municipal director for National commission for civic Education rendered an unqualified apology on behalf of the assembly to all media houses and their representatives. 

Some of the media houses present included Rivers fm,Apolo Fm, Best Fm,Fact Fm, Oyeeman Fm, Asono Fm, Adom Fm, Royal Tv rep,and Onua Tv rep 

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