• Sun. Aug 7th, 2022


Government public toilet’s is  like a gold mines to some political party members.

Many members in the party  have really made it in life through the income they got from it,as managers of the toilets. 

Most  parties even used the proceeds from it to finance the party  at the consistency level.

Some MMDCEs used  it to compensate and reward their errand boys in the municipality or district.

Some party members in the constituency even fight their way through before getting  one to managed.

Managing it even leads to conflicts and misunderstanding among party members in the constituency, normally those who didn’t get some  to manage get offended.

It is very pity and surprising that some party members used public toilet’s to access the  competency of the MCE or DCE.

Everything in the country have a political twist or connotation, including public toilet’s.It has been politized.

Why must it  be franchesdise to party members?

The  various assemblies can’t take proper care of it and managed it properly?

The various taxes they collect in the district or municipality can be used to maintains it.

Sanitation and environmental officers always preach about how to be hygienic and talk against public defecations. 

But have forgotten that various houses in the country don’t have toilet facilities.

Not everybody can afford to pay for the use of the public toilet’s,no matter how cheap  it cost.

One of the ways to stop defecations in our various communities is by allowing the use of public toilet’s to be used for free.

When it becomes free those who don’t have money to afford won’t go and defecates around.

Defecations makes our environment unclean that can also lead to a widespread of sickness or disease in a community.

I see no need for paying for the use of government public toilet’s in our various communities.

It must be free to be used by anyone, when someone wants to ease him or her self and the person doesn’t have money to pay for it usage should the person ease on him or her self?

The government want  Ghana to become one of the cleanest country in Africa,it can be perfectly executed when public toilet’s are used for  free.

Most communities also lacks  public toilet’s facilities   the government should fixed more of it in such communities.

We  have seen that given freebies to Ghanaians is possible, for the evidence is clear,we saw the freebies the government offered when the covid was at it peak.

There should be a press release by the government any moment from now that he has made government public  toilet’s to be used for free of charge.

It is sometimes very irritative to see people cuing to use public toilet’s as if they are going to withdraw money from the bank.

In this 21st century things like this  must not been seen in any serious country.

The government should allowed everyone to used it for free.

Founder of speak your mind movement.

Kwabena Yeboah.


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