• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022


We are in a democratic state. Autocracy is not what we are practicing in the country. Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion, we can disagree to agree on issues, that doesn’t make us enemies.

Every Assembly member is entitled to vote Yes or No  to confirmed  his Excellency Akufo Addo nominees in the various municipalities and districts.

Confirmation of the various nominees for MMDCEs positions is up to the Assembly members to vote Yes for their endorsement.

They have  conscience to approve or disapprove of the various nominees.

It is up to them to unconfirmed or confirmed them. The MMDCEs have a role to play to convince the Assembly members to vote for them.

Since the confirmation exercise of the MMDCEs started, some nominees have been rejected.

It is also alleged that those who are not in support of some nominees are paying losing bonuses for their disapproval.

Another serious allegation made against those MMDCEs who have been rejected is that they weren’t able to pay the monies the Assembly members demanded from them.

It is an opening secret that some of the Assembly members demands money before appending their signature’s   to confirms.

What should be the best criteria to used to confirm the MMDCEs?

Should it be the highest bidder payment of money or base upon the nominee competency?

If some of the MMDCEs will use  money to convinced  Assembly members to confirm them, is it not a drill for corruption gallon.

I see this to be unethical and unpatriotic.

When the MCE or DCE is being confirmed, definitely he or she will recoup the money spent for his or her confirmation through a corruptible channel.

This will go against the development in the municipality or district, the citizen’s interest won’t be served first.

Personal interest for chop_chop will be the order of the day in the Assembly.

I was at the Tema Metropolitan Assembly during the confirmation of the Tema central nominee, only one Assemblymember voted No against him and it was found that the one who did that was a woman.

When she didn’t leave the place immediately after the voting, she would have been assaulted by some party supporters who came to support the nominee.

After the confirmation day, it was alleged that some people threaten her life to write an official letter to resign from her party.

My question is how do they find out that she was the one who voted No?

Was the voting, not a secret ballot?

This is very serious. Democracy is not practiced in this manner.

This is undemocratic. Everyone has the right to vote for his or her preferred choice.

It is not right to threaten anyone who voted No against a nominee.

The Assembly members who did that have a  reason. 

Some voted fairly on competent grounds not on personal score, if they think the nominee can’t help the municipality or district in terms of bringing developmental projects. They have every right to reject the nominee.

I chance on a video circulating on social media, where an Assemblymember was been assaulted for voting No against the nominee in Asante Bekwai in the Ashanti Region.

This is unfair and undemocratic. I call upon Ghana Police Service to arrest anyone who will assault an Assemblymember who voted No against a nominee.

Decision-making is an individual affair, every Assembly member must not be threatened for voting No against any nominee.

Founder of Speak your mind movement.

Kwabena Yeboah.


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