• Wed. Jun 22nd, 2022


The Rent Control Law 1986(PNDCL 138) was passed to regulate the relationship between landlords or landladies and tenants in Ghana. However, the Rent Control Department is so useless and dormant that the least said about it the better. 

According to the 2021 population and housing census, 20% of the Ghanaian population lives in kiosk. This is serious and we ought to be worried.  Apart from that, the number of people especially the youth who are homeless and sleep under bridges, in front of shops, at the market places, very degrading for Ghana. They sleep there not because they enjoy sleeping there. They simply don’t have  5000 ghana cedis to pay two years advance, hence the available option is to sleep under a bridge.  What is the Rent Control Department doing about this to ensure that the rent control laws work to reduce rent charges.

 In an interview with JoyNews, The public relations officer of the Rent Control Department, Mr Emmanuel Horvey Kporsu said landlords are not mandated by law to take more than 6 months rent advance from prospective tenants. If that is the law, why are landlords and landladies charging two years and in some cases three years and why is the  department silent on this development? The Chief Rent Control Manager, Mr Twum Ampofo must explain to us. We don’t understand.

Are we not aware that this contributes largely to the inability of people to rent and for that matter not having decent accommodation ! Is the Rent Control not aware that it is against human rights? Are they also not aware that charging more than 6 months rent advance is against section 25 (5) of the rent act and for that  matter an offence punishable by law?

Interestingly, the whole rent control department in Amasaman is owing 5 months rent. This is even enough to say that the department is dead and must wake up. The youth are suffering from accommodation problems. This time landlords and ladies don’t take monthly rent. Once your two or three years expires, they demand one year. This surely is an  inhuman treatment to tenants and the Rent Control Department must come in strongly. 

Our leaders have forgotten that this is a recipe for armed robbery and prostitution among others. The Minister for Works and Housing, Hon. Asenso Boakye  must be effective.

Kennedy Addo-Sunu. 

Director of Communication 

Speak Your Mind Movement 


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