• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022


One of the people who get political party supporters agitated is the Personal Assistants and Secretaries of some Government appointees.

Most of them do not respect the party supporters when they come to their various offices.

They sometimes disrespect and look down on them.

Some of them are characterized by   arrogant, pride and rude.

A lot of people have not cast their minds to the attitudinal  behaviors some of them potray. Some of them are the reasons why some party supporters have  personal issues with some government appointees.

I don’t know the criteria used to  employ them as personal assistants and secretaries to the government appointees. Proper checks must be conducted  on them. I perceived that some  of them are family members and girlfriends to the appointees.

If not so they will accord the party supporters the maximum respect they deserved.

The arrogance of some of them cause the party to lose certain votes during elections time.

The way some of them treat party supporters very bad,it pissed most of them off, not  to cast their vote, that’s if the individual feels  not treated fairly. Which can caused the party to lose  elections.

The party supporters are stakeholders in the government, for without them any political party can’t come to power.

Meanwhile, When the government is not in power those arrogant and rude Personal Assistants and Secretaries will not get the opportunity to be in their office to work.

I think they need to be warned or forced to put up a good behavior towards party supporters .

It is not right for them to disrespect and talk to any party supporter anyhow when they come to their office.

The mindset of most of the personal assistants and secretaries is that anytime a party supporter will come and look for a government appointee, they are coming for money.

Even at all if they are coming for money, does it belong to them?

Not everyone comes to them for money, some come to pass intelligence they have intercepted to them.

Most of the party supporters have vital information which  will be needful to the appointees.

Some party supporters have toiled and invested into the party, so even at all if they come to the appointees to lobby for  contracts there is nothing wrong with it.

Party supporters must be respected and welcomed nicely by a secretary or personal Assistant, without them no political party can obtained  political power.

Kwabena Yeboah founder of Speak your mind movement.


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