• Fri. Jun 24th, 2022


Money has really exchange hands in the confirmation of the MMDCEs.The receivers of the monies are the Assembly members.

Normally time like this is a cocoa season for most of the Assembly members to cash out money.

The Assembly members are the Representatives of their electoral areas in the Assembly.

They are sent by the electorate’s in their electoral area to go and lobby for developmental projects.

Most of the electoral area lacks developmental facilities.

The monies some of the Assembly members received before confirming the MMDCEs, should be used to fix the small problems and challenges in their various electoral areas.

It doesn’t make sense to politized, developmental projects in an electoral area.

The premise to elect Assembly members is non-partisan.

The question is that, the monies some of the Assembly members, demands before confirming the MMDCEs is it a bribe or a token for appreciation?

Some are of the view that it is a scam and blackmailing.

The monetary game in the confirmation of  the MMDCEs can lead to confirms an incompetent nominee. 

The Assembly members go to the Assembly to lobbies for developmental projects to their electoral areas.

The MCE or DCE is in charge to sign contracts that must go to an electoral area.

Some non-governmental organizations also do send developmental projects into some electoral areas at their own cost.

Now that most of them look for money before endorsing them, What show’s that the MCE or DCE will be willing to bring development in such electoral area, whiles he or she has been forcibly to pay some ransom.

The monies taken by the Assembly members must not be used for their own benefits.

They had the opportunity to go to the Assembly on the ticket of their electoral area.

They campaign as politicians by giving promises to the electorates in their electoral area.

It will be very wicked for them, to used their positions to amass wealth to satisfied themselves.

There are  a lot of youth in most electoral areas who are unemployed, they should used the money to develop the youth through skill training.

Most of the Assembly members are womanizers, this is not the time they should spend the money on slay queens for sexual enjoyment.

They shouldn’t forget that Slayqueens are money suckers, and will blow the money in a twinkle of an eye.

I will urge all electorate’s in the various electoral area, to vote against the Assembly members if they refused to used the money to develop their electoral areas.

They don’t deserve to represent them in the Assembly, they are there to satisfy themselves, their families, and there slay queens.

Kwabena Yeboah the founder of Speak your mind movement.


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