• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022


The pain and grief of grassroots has wafted into the atmosphere and keeps moving into the throne of Grace to seek divine intervention on behalf of the abandoned grassroots. Anytime you talk like this, you are seen as someone who is an enemy to the party. No! I am not and would never be. But truth be told, during the days of hard won sacrifices, Campaigns and hunger pangs to get the party in power, little or no recognition was given to my certificate before asking me to join the campaign trail but today Professor Atafuah opened his mouth to spit the epithet of the gutter on us. 

Also, the face of the youth in the party: Mr. Sammy Awuku, Mr. John Bodua and Mr.Henry Nana Boakye have been silent on the woes of the grassroots that the interventions you had for the youth before elections had gone into recess and we don’t know what would resuscitate these life transforming interventions again.

We reach out to them and our hands touch their shadows and my fear is that these events unfolding have implications in future events. Please if there is anytime for us to rise to the need of the youth, it is now. # Fix the grassroots #. For how long should sick beds tremble in silence before their keeper.

Some gentlemen within the grassroots machinery are bleeding. Others have vented their resolve to disappoint the party at its  most ecstatic moments. Some have really expressed grave dissatisfaction in the party machinery. Please, let’s rise to the occasion. Fish is only rotten when the head tastes bad, once the head has its relish, the body should not suffer this ordeal. I rest my case.


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