• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Armed men prevents family from burying their deceased at Atwima Akyeremade cemetery.

On Saturday morning, some unknown armed men stormed Atwima Akyeremade cementary in the Atwima Kwanwoma District to prevent the burial of one Mr Kwaku Adusah.

The unfortunate incident happened at the early hours of the day when the body of the deceased was set for the final burial rites.

According to eyewitness who double as family member, the  armed men who had refused to provide any apparent reason for preventing the family from burying their brother went to the cemetery very early in the morning  to destroy the grave that was prepared to bury the deceased.

“We went there to burry brother only find some men with guns telling us not burry our brother here. They had even destroyed the grave we spent money to prepare. We don’t know who these armed men were and what they wanted. They had apparently refused to also tell us their problem and why didn’t want us to burry brother there”.

He indicated that, it took a swift intervention of the Atwima Techiman police force before the burial rites was performed even though the action by the armed men delayed the whole burial process.

“If wasn’t the swift intervention by Atwima Techiman Police force, our brother wouldn’t have been buried. The police had to escort us to the cemetery to drive the gun men away and also saw it that everything was in order. We are much grateful to them. Even though the burial was delayed but everything is successful”.

“We suspects someone at the chief’s palace for the harassment. No one from anywhere can order gun men to prevent us from burying our brother at the cemetery if that person is not from the palace. This is definitely a handwork of someone from high authority”.

Abusua Opanin Wofa Koofie who was once  a sub chief and a family member of the late Kweku Adusah also told riversfmonline.com that, this unfortunate incident have never happened at their district before for he has  lived in the district over  decades, this is the first of it kind.

He further stated that, after the police intervention, for ensuring  the  family members to buried  their  dead body, nothing bad has happened to any of them.

“Everything has turned to become peaceful and no misunderstanding and fighting have erected between them and anyone and nobody has also come to attack or threaten them”.

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