• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

NPP GRASSROOT NSO DIBIA AYƐ. We are sick and tired of the WhatsApp platforms

No one can claim he/she  is a Catholic more than the Pope, even the Bible says love your neighbour as yourself but not the other way round.

But my party NPP behaves as if Ghana is ours, forgetting we are in   competition with other political parties.

Maybe going forward, the NPP will learn how to give opportunities to their supporters at the grassroots.

You will struggle to understand the psychology of someone who completed university in 2013, unemployed under Mahama. But if the NDC  was given the opportunity under Nana Addo to do NABCO or even better job, but will still openly campaign and vote against the NPP. The reason is simple, ‘party loyalty’ over anything.

Nobody in the NPP, seeing the wonderful work the government has done, sincerely thought Mahama could get more than 44%. We thought our NDC friends will vote for us for all they received, but no. ‘Party loyalty’ again. 

Free SHS no protocol, NABCO no protocol, planting for food and jobs no protocol, NIA no protocol, GES recruitment no protocol, National Ambulance Service opposition members are more than NPP faithfuls,  Promotions no protocol, security services no protocol, the painful one was ‘NBSSI’ support, those who received the monies most are NDC supporters and still voted against NPP.

Some NABCO trainees who are NDC even had the guts to threaten their coordinator that they would make sure he/she is sacked when their party wins. 

Nobody arms their deadliest enemy but that’s what the NPP always does. 

Can’t u just institute some mechanisms to make sure at least some of our loyal supporters are sorted out?

Too much of online recruitment and always demand for “A4” sheet certificate before party faithfuls are allowed to apply for even security guard.

We did that in 2008 and went to opposition, we have repeated that in 2020 and we nearly loss, so going into 2024 will NPP repeat this act of serving all Ghanaians without any support to the NPP faithfuls?

A very good question that people ask Grassroot members who are trying to defend the good name of this party is ’So far what have you gotten’ ?  and this question has become rhetorical question to many because there’s nothing to show.

 If truly we want to retain power in 2024 then the party executives and the appointees must be very careful and attend to grassroot supporters

Even God, if you remain faithful to him, you will receive the blessings on earth.

My opinion though and I don’t intend to step on any toes but if I’ve done that in this writeup, person or persons involved should accept my heartfelt apologies 


#Grassroots Nso Dibia Ayɛ


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