• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022


Some parents are using their daughters  for business in the name of marriage.

Marriage is good in God’s own wisdom, he instituted it in the Garden of Eden.

When he joined Eve to Adam as his wife.The essence of what he did simply means is not good for man to lived alone. 

Marriage help to continue  procreation of humans to multiply on the earth.

It is  only marriage that defined real Compassion between a man and woman by being a supportive meat to each other, emotionally physically and sexually.

The Bible says it emphatically that a man will leave his father’s  house to find a woman and lived together as husband and wife.

We have a custom and culture of marriage which is the traditional marriage.

The phase of marriage is now turning into a business adventure for some parents.

In the continent we find ourselves as Africa, if   you are a mature man  and  you are not married, pressure will be mounted on you from all angles.

The question some people  will be asking you is that, when will you marry?You are growing and need to find yourself a wife.

Most men who are not  married prefer  not to be single.Some wish to get married but the financial constraints attaching to it is the problem.

How expensive and costive some parents charged men who wants to marry their daughter has become a standing block for some single men, to enter into marriage.

I wont say that  parents should give their daughters  freely for  marriage.

Some men will never respect  women they will marry for free.

I will plead with parents who give their daughter’s for marriage to be considerate of the money involved in it.

Some men  delay in  marriage because of financial difficulties.

Money shouldn’t be the problem to prevent any man to marry a woman he loved.

Money can’t buy love means love is very important, but without money sometimes  lovers get separated.

There is life after marriage.The husband and wife are going raised a family together which comes with a huge responsibilities which will be fixed with money.

This is one of the reasons marital list and ceremony shouldn’t be costive or expensive.

Parents shouldn’t take advantage on men who are coming to marry their daughter.

It is not a cocoa season for parents to cash money.

It is an honor and blessings for the parents and their daughter.

Not every woman get a man to marry so if a man shown interest to marry  your daughter there shouldn’t be much money involved in it.

Most men don’t have money to bear such cost involved in marriage.

Some parents are very particularised in money,if you are a poor man and you don’t have money, you are disqualified to marry their daughter.

Equal opportunities must be given to poor men who wants to get married.

Money wasn’t a problem for our forefathers when it comes to marriage, but they got married and build a heathy families.

Borrowing of money for marriage is becoming too much on the part of some men,it must not be encouraged.

One of the things that will encourage most single men to marry is  when the cost involved in it  is not must expensive.

This is why some parents should be more considerate when they are preparing a list for their daughters to get married.

Kwabena Yeboah the founder of speak your mind movement.


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