• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022


Politics without communication is like doing a business in darkness, refusing to advertise your product.

Even the telecommunication networks  advertise their service whilst it is hotcake.

If you refuse to sells your product positively someone is ready to sell it negatively for you.

Customers will always  buy your product  depending on how you  package and brand it.

I wonder why the new patriotic party (NPP) communication team is not much vibrant on the media space nowadays.

I overheard that the party communicators in  Eastern and Bono Region are on strike if it is true,then it will affect the government achievements to spreadout in those regions.

If the party communicators are not resourceful, with logistics to do their work effectively,then  it is a big problem. 

The communication machinery need to be fuel with budgetry allocation,where the party communicators will received monthly allowance or salary.

Looking at how some of them are very angry with their party leadership, it smells  something wrong.

If the party want to retained power as they are chanting and glamouring of breaking the eight cycle in government,then they should beef up their game.

It is the communicators who are going to carry the achievements of the government on their shoulders for propagation.

The dynamics and narrative in Ghana’s politics sometimes differ when you feels reluctant by not touching base with the kingmakers or electorates with your achievements.

When the party leadership think the government is performing so without catering for their communicators to go and preach the goodnews  of the government to amass vote from the electorate’s, automatically the party will wins the 2024 general elections it’s a big mistake.

If the party leadership believe in this theory, they should change their mind  before it is too late. 

The new patriotic party (NPP) communication team should  intensified their communication strategies.  

My little observation  of the party communication network is that they are always at the defensive end and defending certain mischief released against them,it is about time the party should be on top of their game by  setting agenda for their opponents to also come and defend.

Most of the party  press conferences  does not travel far as their Opponents do.

I suggest that the party should change their tactics of communication so that their messages will travel far.

My worried is that if the party is in power and can’t resource their communicators to project and promote the government’s achievements.

I want to ask if the party  goes to opposition will they be able to sort out their communicators?

The party have everything at their disposal which must be utilized wisely  to retained power.

Some of the party communicators are suffering too much, they don’t received  any monthly salary or allowance.

The little money some of them have is what they use for transport to go on the media  to defend the party.

The work of  the communicators should be rewarded and appluaded.

The leadership of the party shouldn’t joke with their communicators.

Kwabena Yeboah the founder of speak movement.


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