• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022


The talk of  town and the man of the moment is the inspector general of Ghana police Service Dr George Akuffo Dampare.

A lot of people are praising him because of certain drastical  action he has taken to ensure law and order in the country.

We have laws and law enforcement agencies which the police service play a pivotal role in it.

Nobody is more Ghanaian than others.We are all Ghanaians and the constitution demands us to be law abiding citizens.

Nobody is above the law including the first gentlemen of the land his Excellency Akuffo Addo and Dampare himself.

Some  people have flouted the law by   their actions but nothing has been done to them.

The law in the country sometimes don’t work,it has become like a toothless bulldog.

When the law enforcement agencies refuse to do their jobs the law won’t work.

Sometimes it looks like the law is afraid of some influencial people in the country, but only have control on the poor and voiceless people.

The police is available  to ensure law and order by protecting  lives and properties.

Wherever there are no laws discipline can’t be fostered.

Most people complain that the law in the country is not working but when they  offend  it and  being gripped by the law,then it becomes an issue.

The slight action taken by the inspector general of Police Dr Akuffo Dampare concerning  two famous secular artistes Shatta Wale and Medical for flouting the law.He has come to change the system by bringing equality before the law.

He is trying to bring sanity and discipline in the system by ensuring  law and order.

I will plead with all the influencial people in the country not to interfered in his work.

The pull him down mafias in the country, should also desist from  surbotaging his office.

The entire public should believed in  him, and  give the police service the relevant informations,that will be a treat to the state national security.

He himself should also be very careful not to soil his integrity and reputation. He had    won the heart of many people  for recommending his good work.

He should never allows favoritism to step in his operations by favoring one another.

Every police officer  should  work to redeem the lost glory in the service by the accusations of many Ghanaians leveled against them to be bribe takers.

They should bear in mind that if their boss fail to deliver his competency it will affect the entire police service .

The P R O department of the police service should come out with public education  to explain the law to the masses frequently and constantly.

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for the law not to arrest anyone who goes against it.

Founder of Speak your mind movement.


Kwabena Yeboah.

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