• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022


Many people  have taken advantage of  recording certain high profile personalities secretly to backmail them.

Most of them  have been backmailed through this dubious activities.

This crafty and trickery act has  become a business venture for some people to  extort money from others.

A lot of people   used  it to get certain position and contract, from those they have their secret recordings.

Is even against the law to record someone secretly without the person’s knowledge.

I don’t have any problem for recording something that can be a treat to the  state and for security intelligence.

When someone have an evil intention to create fear and panic,by going to commit a crime and is been captured on tape,it is for a good purpose or motive.

There are a lot of security camera’s installed to pick intelligence on the grounds in the country.

This invisible camera’s give the security agencies daily report or briefing for them to take certain action secretly to protect the country.

It is very unfortunate that some pastors, politicians, Journalists, footballers etc deliberately send spies to record their colleague’s secretly.

This has become a tool   to silence and backmail others.

Some people have made business from this act of recording people secretly to amass wealth on a wrong footing.

If we allowed this to be grounded and affirmed in the country, many marriages, businesses, institutions and Organisation will collapse one-day.

A lot of friendship and relationship have been destroyed because of secret recordings.

We can’t lived as humans whilst refusing to talk to each other.

We shouldn’t forget that recording a high profile personality secretly for public consumption will disgrace the country’s name internationally?

I don’t think any reasonable person will be happy to see his or her nakedness out publicly.

Why do these secret recorders have delight in recording people secretly?

Everybody can become a victim in the hands of those who record people to blackmail them.

We are all not safe in the  hands of those who record people secretly. 

Let’s  come together  to speak against it.

Those who have made it a business to blackmail people with their messages,audios, pictures and videos must put a stop to it.

I call upon the Police Service to arrest  those backmailing people emotionally and physically with their evidencial  tapes pictures audios etc against them.

Kwabena Yeboah the founder of speak your mind movement.


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