• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022


It is obvious that if you want to become a politician you need to have money.

If you don’t have money as a politician you can’t  contest for any political position and win.

Many politicians enter into main stream politics to look for money to enrich themselves.

Politics has become a short cut to make ill gotten wealth.

This clearly shows why many politicians are corrupt.

For without a corruptible means it will be very difficult for some of them to become rich.

Most people enter into politics with nothing, but through it they become very influencial and powerful.

The monitazation in politics must be controll for it is affecting the development of the country.

No politician is a father Christmas to share  money to people just like that without having a personal interest. The money most of them shares is an investment to a political position.

This affect the country’s progress as the  money needed for  development  goes into one person’s pocket.

Patriotism is now fading out gradually, the country’s interest is not prioritize anymore.

Some politicians only focus on what they will get from the county  and not what the country will benefit from them.

Recently, one powerful politician said, it’s the electorates or delegates who makes the politicians to become corrupt.

I agree to what he said perfectly for the demand on them is too much, everybody  want a politican to solve his or her problem.

The demand on them sometimes become very heavy, with huge responsibilities.

This monetocracy in Ghana starts from the grassroots or foot soldiers . Most people now demands or take bribes from the politicians before voting for them. They rather prefer to money over competence.

 Sometimes you can’t blame the politicians for their corruptible dealings.

The adduced risition is that they spend a lot of money before  climbing  to the seat of power. 

Most of these politicians also have financiers who sponsor their political aspirations and ambitions.

Such politicians facilitates the biddings of their paymasters. For instance, if a  members of parliament is being sponsored by the LGBTQ+ fraternity, there is noway that member of parliament who is being fed by the LGBTQ+ will vote against them.

The reality check is that if we allowed monetocracy to rule in our political landscape, some politicians will take certain decision, majority of Ghanaians won’t be happy with it.

Let’s the kingmakers or electorate’s stop charging monies from the politicians before  giving their mandate to them.

Some of the politicians should also stopped being corrupt, and think about how to develop the country.

Let’s all think about Ghana first.




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