• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Penalties for road traffic offenses not deterrent enough – Road Safety Authority

The National Road Safety Authority’s (NRSA) Head of Regulations, Inspections, and Compliance, Kwame Koduah Atuahene, has stated that sanctions for traffic violations are insufficiently deterrent.

He believes that these fines should be more severe in order to reduce on-the-road wrongdoing.

As a result, he has called for the need to reform the present sanctions for traffic violations.

Mr. Atuahene stated this during the Happy Development Dialogues, which were hosted by Don Prah of Happy FM.

“There are quite a few constraints in the punishment system. Fines, for example, are insufficiently deterrent. If a driver continues to drive despite being fatigued, the fine is only about GH120.00. The light sanctions, in my opinion, contribute to the continued misbehavior on our roadways.”

The Ghana Police Service (GPSMotor )’s Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) had documented 573 traffic violations as of October this year. A total of 504 cases were sent to the courts, with 415 perpetrators being found guilty. For the month of October, the total amount of fines collected was GH236,030.

Any offense involving a license is punishable by a fine of not less than fifty penalty units and not more than one hundred penalty units, or by a period of imprisonment of not more than two years, or both, under the Road Traffic Act of 2004 (Act 683).

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