• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

MPs Exchanged Blows in parliament During E-Levy voting

Some Members of Parliament on Monday night got into a fistfight following a disagreement that arose during the vote on the government’s E-levy bill.

A quarrel broke out among MPs during a headcount to determine if the E-levy bill should be debated under a certificate of urgency.

The Minority protested to the First Deputy Speaker’s decision to hand over command of the Speaker’s chair to the Second Deputy Speaker so that he could vote, and a quarrel over the Speaker’s sitting area ensued.

Minority MPs who disagreed with that position rushed to the Speaker’s desk to halt the transition, and the Majority did the same, culminating in the crash.

Hundreds of opposition lawmakers fought with their majority party colleagues throughout the incident, while some parliament officials sought to protect the Speaker’s seat and the mace of parliament from attack.

The conference was adjourned by the Second Deputy Speaker, Andrew Asiamah, and calm returned.

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