• Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Don’t Vote Skirt and Blouse If You Love Ghana – Nana Yaw Kesseh

Nana Yaw Kesseh, the news editor of Peace FM, has advised Ghanaians to vote in skirt and blouse elections if they love the country.

He made the remark in response to the brawls in Parliament the day before.

On Monday, December 20, 2021, when MPs assembled to vote on the contentious E-levy measure, all hell broke out in the House chamber.

Nana Yaw Kesseh, on the other hand, called the violent, destructive, and perplexing actions on the floor of Parliament “shameful” in a Facebook post.

According to him, if the MPs gather for the approval of their Ex-Gratia, they will not engage in such acts.

He said the lawmakers did not fight themselves for the love of their country but their partisan interest.

Read his full writeup below:

You may mistakingly think they are fighting for Ghana but the truth is they are fighting for their Ex-Gratia (Gratuity) and their partisan interest.

NDC introduced VAT, NPP opposed it but increased the same in Government. NDC introduced ESLA, NPP opposed it, it was described as a nuisance tax but has been maintained in Government. NPP introduced Communication Service Tax, the NDC described it as “talk tax” but increased it when they had the power to rule. NYEP, NHIS among others are a few examples of my point. Assuming E-Levy Bill goes through and NDC comes to power in 2024, do you think they will scrap it? Just thinking aloud.

Now their strengths are at par in Parliament and just as one would have thought they would use that to build consensus to move Ghana forward, they demonstrated signs of things to come at their birth on 7/8th January 2021. Events thereafter haven’t been any different.

Now the Alban Bagbin Conundrum. The most experienced lawmaker in the history of Ghana’s democratic era couldn’t have come as the speaker at an opportune time like this where the Country needs his experience most to guide this “hunger” Parliament. After all that happened after the reading of the budget and the inception of this Parliament, his sick leave among others, one would have thought Bagbin will bring his experience to the table but he checked out at the time the most crucial BILL of their present sitting was to be moved in the plenary to cause another mayhem and unfathomable disgrace to the good people of Ghana in whose interests they claim to be serving.

Unfortunately, they will unanimously approve of their Ex-Gratia at the end of their tenure. Are this Parliament and its parliamentarians really for Ghana? No matter how you look at it, what happened on Monday night (20/12/21) at Parliament is shameful, to say the least. Never again should any electorate vote skirt and blouse if you love Ghana.

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