• Tue. Aug 2nd, 2022

E-Levy squabble: Current MPs young and inexperienced – Edward Ennin

Mr. Edward Ennin, a former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Obuasi Constituency in the Ashanti Region for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has blamed the chaos that greeted the passage of the controversial Electronic Levy on the floor of Parliament on the fact that many MPs on both sides of the political divide are too young and inexperienced.

Many of the present legislators, according to a former MP who served as Vice Chairman of Parliament’s Lands and Mines Committee, are political neophytes who have no experience with seasoned leadership.

“In our time we had seasoned leaders who could handle affairs at the committee levels and not the plenary. It is worrying how youthful exuberance is fast coming to play on the floor because many of them have nothing to lose because they know they are possible one-time MPs”.

He stressed that, the way these young MPs are quick to vent their spleen on some decisions they are not pleased with is worrying, to say the least. Many of these MPs on both sides of the house are too young and inexperienced on the workings of Parliament.”

Mr. Ennin made these remarks on Accra’s Happy FM on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, in response to legislators’ free-for-all battle over the passage of the e-levy on Monday.

He explained that, unlike when he was a parliamentarian in the fifth Parliament, the chamber had lost experienced leadership.

He quickly added that the Majority Leader’s demeanor on the floor of Parliament, in which he throws shade at his Minority members, does not demonstrate leadership.

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