• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Security in Parliament not our responsibility – Ghana Police

The Ghana Police Service has stated that because it is not responsible for providing security in the chamber of Ghana’s Parliament, it is unable to enter the building for such purposes.

This comes after some Ghanaians questioned the service’s failure to show up in the House during the brawl to maintain law and order.

The Police Service however, in a statement sign by the Director-General, public affairs, ACP Kwesi Ofori on Tuesday December 21 states that, the police service is not responsible for security protocols within the chamber.

According to the statement, they can only enter the chamber if the marshal in charge of security refers the case to them for further inquiry into the causes of the disturbances, as well as possible prosecution if the House leadership so determines.

“The legal position is that the Police have no authority to enter the chamber of Parliament to undertake any law enforcement venture. Any such act will be in contravention of the laws of the country.

“Therefore, the Marshal and his team of officers have to deal with such situations in the chamber and thereafter refer the matter to the Police for investigations and possible prosecution if the leadership of the House so decides.”

The service also stated that, despite its commitment to ensuring law and order,  it is “mindful not to overstep the limitations imposed on it by law”

“We have however initiated steps to engage the clerk, Marshal, and leadership of Parliament to fashion out a more proactive way of supporting Parliament in this regard within the confines of the laws of the country,” it added.

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