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I Regrets Investing in Watah – Guru


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Ghanaian rapper, Guru sheds information on how he got off on the wrong foot with the Ghanaian musical group “Wutah.”

The reason for their disagreement, according to the rapper, has to do with money and greed on the WUTAH path.

Since their debut in 2005, Wutah has consistently produced high-quality songs. However, due to some complications, they had to split up and do things on their own at times.

In a recent interview, rapper Guru expressed sorrow for trying to provide a helping hand to revive the failed musical group, only to find out that they were unappreciative of his efforts and looked down on him.

According to him, he spent about Ghs 65,000 on Watah’s AK-47 film alone, with an initial profit-sharing percentage of 50/50 agreed upon.

He went on to say that the group then came around and said that he [Guru] and his team had done nothing important to merit half of their money, and instead recommended a 70-30% split, which they eventually settled on at 60-40%.

“My record label believes in quality, so I spent nearly Ghs 65,000 on Watah’s AK-47 video alone.” The contract was unusual in that it was split 50/50.

“Do you remember how it ended?” After the song ‘Bronya’ became popular, the artists came and said, “We haven’t done much to deserve 50% of their money,” so they proposed 70% for themselves. We agreed to give them 60% because they weren’t attending the shows we had scheduled for them.”

“‘You small boy, you want to chop our money, what have you done to deserve that amount,’ one of them said.” I’m even polishing some of the words that were used against us. Inquire of Baby Dapaah. She can attest to the unprintables they employ.

“Words that kill the human spirit, I regret investing in their craft at times.” I had to let go of everything because it was so filthy. “My entire investment went down the drain,” Guru lamented.

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