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We Are Sorry – Psquare Go On Their Knees, Apologizes To Fans (Watch Video) »


Dec 27, 2021 , ,

Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye (P-Square), a popular Nigerian music duo, have publicly apologized to their fans throughout the world, asking for forgiveness after a five-year conflict.

The twin brothers reconciled their disagreements, put the past behind them, and promised to reunite as a team on November 18th, 2021, their latest birthday.

The duo’s breakup in 2017 came as a shock to many of their admirers, who couldn’t understand why such gifted young guys had fallen out of favor, but they’re trying to make amends this time.

P-Square was seen on their knees in a video circulating online, apologizing to their fans all around the world and pleading for forgiveness.

“We apologize for breaking up, deep apologies to our fans all over the world.

“I want everyone around the world to know that we are asking for forgiveness,” Psquare said.

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