• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Baba Sadiq blacklists King Promise from any 3 music related activities

King Promise, a Ghanaian musician and songwriter, has been blacklisted by the Chief Executive Officer of 3 Music Network, preventing his music from being broadcast on his network.

Baba Sadiq turned to social media to openly announce that he will no longer be involved in any business dealings with King Promise, the outstanding singer.

According to Sadiq, the CEO of 3 Media Networks, the owners of 3 Music TV, there will never be a chance for him to place artist King Promise on any of his upcoming shows, and none of his music videos will be played on his television station from now on.

In a Facebook post, the 3 music CEO accused King Promise of disrespecting him after failing to show up for his Wildaland Festival despite prior agreements.

Baba Sadiq revealed that, he sent a message to the award-winning Ghanaian Highlife and Afrobeats musician, as well as his management team, which includes music producer Killbeats, through Arhin and Erasmus.

And, according to the message he delivered, everytime he hears from the artist about non-support in the Ghanaian music media (business), he would respond by offering interviews to radio, TV stations, and social media platforms to show why he doesn’t have the moral right to even talk about it.

Reads his Facebook post.

“I sent a message to him and Killbeats through Ike Otoo Arhin and Erasmus that. The day he will tweet some of the nonsense he tweets about non-support and bla bla. That day, I will move from radio station to radio station, tweet to tweet, TV to TV to indicate why he doesn’t have the moral rights to even talk about that…

“He is the only person that continues to get enablement but doesn’t enable anybody back. For starters, my channel di3 all his videos are off. There is nothing I am involved in, whether directly or remotely that will involve him.

“Maybe the awards board can choose to have him. It’s their power but personally, I am off any King Promise agenda. Ike and Erasmus can all bear witness to what they did to me in times past and in recent times. I Dey my corner these days.”

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