• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

I have stop spending my money on men – Actress Cindy Okafor

Cindy Okafor, a popular Nigerian actress and former Big Brother Naija housemate, has revealed that she no longer has any interest in spending money on guys as she once did.

In a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress revealed this when discussing the things that draw her to a man.

In terms of traits, she stated that she prefers tall men because she is preoccupied with them, as well as that he must be attractive to some level and have a strong sense of style.

According to her, the man should have common sense, be truthful, and have a job that would provide him money; gone are the days when she would spend money on guys.

She Said “He has to be tall because I am obsessed with very tall guys. He must be good-looking to an extent and know how to dress. The main thing for me is that he has to have common sense. Even if we gossip and play, I want us to connect mentally. He must have something going on for him because gone are the days when I spent money on guys. He must be very comfortable. I also hate lies and it turns me off in a man.”

“I am not saying I will date a broke guy but he has to be hardworking and he has to have something going for him. But the conversations of some women are always about men doing things for them financially. I don’t have any issue collecting money from my man but the type of money I am looking for, I don’t think any man can give it to me. That is why I have to hustle.” She Added.

Cindy Okafor, unlike other celebrities who like to brag about their accomplishments on social media, stated she has no interest in doing so and does not feel forced to depict a fake lifestyle on social media.

“I do not always like to share all my achievements. I just make posts about my business and make people laugh on my page. I want to start a blog and people will start seeing a lot of my accomplishments soon. I don’t feel any pressure to live in a certain way. People who will praise one today will condemn one tomorrow when small things happen to one. If you do not have a ‘strong mind’ (thick skin) like Bobrisky, I would advise you to keep some aspects of your personal life to yourself.”

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