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Two women convicted for providing false information to NIA


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Olu Olarusi Toyin Tracy, a.k.a. Tracy Mensah, and one Yvette Mensah were each fined 300 penalty units (GHS 3,600) by the Adjabeng District Court in Accra for submitting false information to the National Identification Authority (NIA).

They will be sentenced to six months in prison if they do not pay.

The suspects have been charged with conspiracy to commit crime, specifically providing false information to NIA officials, in violation of Section 23(1) of Act 29/60 and Section 17(c) of the National Identification Authority Act 707 (Act 2000), as well as Providing False Information to NIA Officials.

They both pleaded guilty to all allegations brought against them and were found guilty based on their own admissions.

Meanwhile, the Court has ordered that Toyin Tracy, a Nigerian, be returned to her homeland after serving her sentence.

Toyin Tracy went to the NIA’s Head Office on November 19, 2021, to obtain a Ghana Citizen Card.

Yvette Mensah accompanied her.

Tracy had a Ghanaian Birth Certificate, which was one of the documents required to obtain a Ghana Card.

The two were directed to the CID (NIA) Office by the NIA registration official for the standard vetting, interrogation, and document authentication that most suspected applicants went through before being allowed to proceed with the registration process to obtain the Ghana Card if they were cleared by the Unit.

During police investigations, it was discovered that Tracy’s birth certificate had the name “Tracy Mensah” on it, with Yvette Mensah as the mother and one Alhassan Fusieni as the father, all of whom were Ghanaians.

The birth certificate was issued at the Bubuashie Office, Accra, on October 22, 2021, with the registration number 020107-3879-2021 and the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital as the place of birth.

Further research revealed that Yvette Mensah was not Tracy’s biological mother and that the two had never been related in any way.

Investigations also found that Olarusi Toyin took the name Tracy Mensah with Yvette Mensah’s permission to give her a Ghanaian ancestry.

Tracy’s biological parents were Nigerians, and she was born in Nigeria, it was proven yet again.

During her interrogation, Yvette Mensah told police that Tracy contacted her and asked her to help her get a Ghana Card by pretending to be her mother on her birth certificate.

Toyin listed Agbozume in the Volta Region as her hometown.

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