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Get Your Voters Cards and Elect Competent Leaders – Sanusi to Nigerians


Jan 9, 2022

Muhammad Sanusi, the President General of Jam’iyyatu Ansariddeen, has urged Nigerians to obtain their PVCs (Permanent Voters Cards) and vote for competent leaders. Following a three-day yearly conference themed “The Prophetic Solutions To The Questions Of Humanity,” the president made this public on the 4th Nigerian World Maulid Anniversary.

The governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, hosted the conference, which took place in Lokoja. During the ceremony, Sanusi asked Nigerians to vote for competent leaders regardless of social or religious affiliation in 2003, urging them to look beyond religion and ethnicity.

The president general, who was once the emir of Kano State, also expressed gratitude to Governor Bello for accepting their request for land to build the “International Islamic Centre.”

Sanusi also urged Nigerians to embrace peace and remain united, while praying for the country’s economic prosperity and growth.

The governor of Kogi state described the day as historic and unforgettable, assuring Nigerians of his justice and equity.

According to the governor, “great messages of unity, love, hard work, peace, tolerance and taking our destinies into our hands, which remains the message of President Muhammadu Buhari.”

Furthermore, the late Ibrahim Niass’s son, Muhammad Niass, from Senegal, presented the famous politician with a Holy Quran.

Several important dignitaries from throughout the world, including Morocco and Cameron, were in attendance at the summit.

Sanusi in a statement said:

”If our youths get employed, the economy of the entire country will improve.

”Most importantly, we are not a political party but we cannot fold our arms and ignore politics.”

”Every member of Attijaniyya from 18 years old and above, male or female, go and get your voters card.”

”Allah commands you that you should place trust in the hands of those people who are trustworthy.”

”Now, we are at the time where those who appoint leaders are the people, your vote is your power, you have a responsibility.”

”I am not saying you must vote only for members of Attijaniyya, Muslim, or for any political party; you are to vote for every position the best person that is most competent.”

”If you don’t take this responsibility you have betrayed Islam. We must preserve the unity of this country to ensure self-reliance, education peace and unity”.

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