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Nigeria Elections: Osinbajo Pulls Crowd Ahead of 2023


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The race for the 2023 general election has intensified as Vice President Yemi Osinbajo draws crowds despite the APC’s failure to name a candidate to defend its interests.

Many names have been mentioned, but Osinbajo has received the greatest support. Sources say that if the current trend continues, the APC will be compelled to make a choice shortly.

The Igbo have been excluded from the circle of national leadership as Nigeria’s power paradigms shift, with the North and South-West becoming the strongest alliance. Despite being a Yoruba and the country’s current vice president, Osinbajo has received widespread backing from business advocacy groups.

Furthermore, in the aftermath of the election, other significant names have surfaced, including APC national leader Bola Tinubu and Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello.

As of now, none of the suspected candidates has openly proclaimed their intentions, leaving possibility for a variety of scenarios.

Despite this, campaign posters for Vice President Biden have flooded the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), with the majority of them coming from business organizations.

These organizations have been happy with the Vice President’s declaration of interest in the presidency in 2023. They referred to the acclaimed politician as the country’s “missing link.”

Dr. Tayo Fashogbon, MD of Portal Realties Ltd, stated:

“Osinbajo is a patriotic and detribalised Nige­rian who will commit himself to work for ev­eryone.

“He is the only one who holds such a prom­ise among other Nige­rians aspiring for the plum job. The impera­tive for a President who is totally devoid of sec­tional interests has nev­er been so paramount.”

“These are the rea­sons why more and more well-meaning Nigerians are coming out daily in their numbers to invest in ‘Project Osinbajo.”

“This is also why the first-time businessmen in the country have decided not to leave politics to politicians alone but are ready to be fully involved in the political destiny of our country.”

Others believe the vice president’s lack of a political basis, corporate acumen, and ethnic/religious appeal make him the best option.

Despite this, the APC has maintained its calm and has yet to name a flag bearer.

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