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Restore the price of cooking gas to where it was in 2015 – HURIWA to Buhari


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The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has urged the APC-led government to lower the price of cooking gas to the level it was in 2015, when the PDP was in power. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), generally known as cooking gas, has been in the news recently due to its ever-increasing price.

This began in May 2015, when the APC, led by the current president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, took power from the PDP.

The remark was delivered by the civil rights advocacy group’s National Coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko. The statement was made in response to the elation expressed by many Nigerians across various social media platforms at the minor reduction in the price of cooking gas.

The National Coordinator said it was sad and alarming to watch Nigerians cheer over a minor drop in the price of cooking gas, despite the fact that they were fully aware of the cost of LPG before the current government took office.

The organization also stated that the price of cooking gas has decreased from N8,800 to roughly N8400 and N8200 for 12.5kg, as corroborated by the “Punch.” On Thursday, the price of LPG dropped even more, with some retailers selling it for as little as N7,800.

Furthermore, the cost of cooking gas has risen at an exponential rate, with a cost increase of over 200 percent. Many Nigerians have been forced out of business as a result of this, and it is not good for the country.

Emmanuel Onwubiko made the following statement:

“The failure of the relevant governmental bodies to regulate the pricing of gas assets in Nigeria is a recipe for encouraging the ballooning poverty situations that we have witnessed since 2015 that President Muhammadu Buhari has operated economic policy frameworks devoid of progressive mechanisms.”

“Government lacks the requisite political will, sincerity of purpose and commitments to do the needful to ensure that millions of homes in Nigeria are not subjected to economic ordeals just so they can get gas to power the preparations of their foods and other essential services domestically and otherwise.”

“High costs of gas has led to the closure of many restaurants and small businesses thereby increasing unemployment rates in Nigeria. The high cost of gas has affected the green environment and this shows that this government is hypocritical when it mouths her readiness to take remedial steps to halt the consequences of climate change.”

“All those international trips costing the taxpayers billions of naira by the President and retinue of ministers to attend climate change-related global summits without taking local steps to check unaffordable costs of gas resources in Nigeria is cosmetic and hypocritical.”

“The government derives satisfaction in imposing outrageous and satanic economic policies on Nigerians. This is even why the government has decided to tax us more for drinking soft drinks even when wives of politically exposed officials buy champagnes and expensive wines at public costs for their own enjoyment in their cocoons.”

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