• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Don’t try to legislate prophecies – Agyinasare cautions the police.

The Founder and Head Pastor of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has called on the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to abandon its plan to “sanitize” the prophetic space in the country.

While praising the police for warning the church against predictions that could provoke fear and panic, he warned that if the police proceeded to investigate them, they might wind up “legislating prophecies.”

His remarks follow the police administration’s announcement on Friday that it had begun analyzing footage of prophesies made on the night of December 31, 2021, to examine if they were conveyed in violation of the country’s laws.

Delivering a sermon at a church service at the headquarters of the Perez chapel international on Sunday, the Bishop said the police directive, issued ahead the 31st December 2021, was largely complied with by the church.

He indicated that if caution is not exercised, the police will begin to dictate what men of God should preach.

“On the 6th of January the police sent a communique…they said the police is analysing the prophecies of the various churches. We want to thank God for the Police and for protecting us during Christmas.

“It’s okay for the police to caution us about prophecies that cause fear and panic, especially those that have to do with notable personalities. However, for the police to issue a statement on the 6th of January that they are analyzing prophecies of the various churches…is trying to legislate prophecies,” he said.

“In the New Testament, we see Prophet Agabus warn that there will be a famine in Acts 11:27-28, same Agabus in Acts 21:10-11 takes Paul’s girdle and prophesies that the owner of this girdle will be arrested and handed over to the gentiles.

“As a prophet, God can open my eye to see (that) a church member is going to die if we don’t pray and if the person is notable, I will have to tell them in secret so as not to create confusion.

“But I may have to tell him. Paul was on a ship to Rome and he prophesied to them that it is better they don’t make the journey because it will create problems [Acts 27:10]. So, Paul prophesied that the will be danger on the journey”.

“Our Meteorological Service Department at times make predictions with their scientific machines which causes fear and at times the things they say don’t come to pass”.

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare further stressed that, “So the police administration having admonished us to be careful about prophecies that will cause fear …by and large 31st [night] the church complied. It should not use their scarce resources in trying to analyze prophecies. If we are not careful very soon they will be analyzing our sermons, telling us what to preach”.

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