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Ghanaian artistes don’t get much airplay because they’re stingy with their money – Mike 2


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Michael Boateng, well known in showbiz circles as Mike 2, a Ghanaian radio broadcaster, has expressed his unhappiness with Ghanaian singers’ parsimonious attitudes and explained why presenters and DJs don’t play more Ghanaian tunes.

During an interview with Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9 FM’s ‘Showbiz Xtra’ show, he stated that sports presenters and current affairs show hosts are valued by their guests for their support. He went on to say that singers left entertainment show hosts to their destiny without showing them any gratitude.

“What I know is the political and the sports show host get invited by some of the politicians and sports officials at the end of the Year and they show them appreciation but when it comes to our entertainment fraternity we don’t see this from our artists.”

He went on to explain why it was difficult to promote Ghanaian musicians and music. He revealed that the performers were stingy with their money and do not care about the hosts.

“When they organize shows and events, they don’t even give the Presenters tickets to come and grace the occasion. I won’t use my money that I will use to cater for my family to buy a ticket and come for your show while am promoting you on radio, so these things make it painful for promoting their works,” he said.

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