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‘It’s natural to fight back when abused’ – DKB explains why he will fight attackers


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Derrick Kobina Bonney, also known as DKB, a Ghanaian comedian and performer, has explained why he attacks those who insult him.

The comedian claims that he has been mistreated, degraded, and disgraced by haters on and off social media for a long time, which is why he took this move.

“Sometimes people wonder why, DKB a comedian, takes things personally and deals with people aggressively. When you are abused, humiliated and disrespected for long, it’s natural to retaliate to protect your sanity. Even doves, peaceful birds, will fight back if U attack them,’ he said on Twitter.

DKB was insulted a few months ago after giving legendary actor Psalm Adjeteyfio advice on how to invest money provided to him by Ghana’s vice president.

The comedian stated that his detractors should be ashamed because it is apparent that Psalm Adjetefio, who has once again declared himself bankrupt, ignored his advise.

In a Facebook post dated January 10, he wrote: “All those who insulted me for advising him, see how stupid your faces look right now? Because of your hatred for a brother even when I’m telling the right thing you turn it into the wrong thing. Kwasiafuor! Come and insult me again, mmoa!”

Below is the statement from DKB which attracted insults from a section of the public including the actor:

“Please the GH¢50,00, if you are close to him [Psalm Adjeteyfio], let him know that it is investment money, not money to live off… it’s enough embarrassment to come out and be talking about him needing help, calling people for help, and doing interviews. It’s disheartening because it makes Creative Arts look bad. Now that he’s had 50,000 he must invest it. He shouldn’t invest in transport or hospitality, he will regret it. He should invest in basic necessities, simple ‘waakye’ and ‘koko’ (porridge) business. He has a brand name that is active, he can make it TT ‘waakye’ business and TT ‘sobolo’ business, and people will support”.

Following the release of an audio, Psalm Adjeteyfio became a matter of conversation. The veteran was heard pleading with MzGee for leftover items from her kitchen, alleging that life had become horrible.

In September of last year, the veteran begged out for aid, stating that he needed GH3,000 to pay his rent or face being ejected. After hearing his plea, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia donated GH50,000 to him.

According to the veteran actor, people have ceased giving a him helping hand since the vice president handed him with the financial donation,

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