• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Bawumia’s aide who received Psalm Adjeteyfio’s voice note revealed

Raymond Acquah, the husband of media personality MzGee, has said that he sent an audio tape of Psalm Adjeteyfio asking for leftovers to Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s adviser, Dr. Gideon Boako.

Mr. Acquah’s decision to send the file to Dr. Boako was motivated by his desire to obtain clarifications and support for the veteran actor, who had received a monetary donation from the vice president in response to a plea for assistance.

“As the one who was mandated to send the said voice note to Gideon Boako in his capacity as the aide who did the donation on behalf of the Vice President, to clarify the relationship between the office and the actor, and explore the possibilities of getting him further help,” Acquah wrote on Facebook.

An audio clip of veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio pleading for leftovers from MzGee’s kitchen went viral on Monday. While some chastised the actor for his constant pleas for assistance, others questioned how and why the actor’s tape was leaked when he confided in the media personality.

MzGee expressed disappointment in the claims that she leaked the recording in her answer. She stated that she had submitted the recording to someone who would conduct research for her and see if they could help the actor. Raymond Acquah, MzGee’s husband, turned out to be the individual in question.

Mr. Acquah expressed his displeasure with the insults leveled at his wife in a Facebook post on Wednesday, claiming that she had aided Psalm Adjeteyfio.

Mr. Acquah’s article stated, “It is disgraceful for a woman who had gladly offered her resources to the injured actor and gone out of her way to acquire extra treatment for him to be treated with such disdain.”

“She has been nothing but helpful and sympathetic throughout her interactions with the actor.” He went on to say, “She deserves recognition, not hate.”

The actor stated in the audio that he had invested the GH50,000 that the vice president gave him and that after the vice president’s donation was made public, all of his supporters withdrew, causing him a lot of issues.

“Good afternoon, MzGee. I was hoping you would have some leftovers in your kitchen.” The reason for this is that when those who used to aid me learned that the Vice President had given me the money, they all stopped. But you’d agree with me that [with] such money, you have to invest carefully, which is exactly what I’ve done, and it will take time before you start enjoying it,” the Taxi Driver TV series actor noted in the recording.

“Right now, the issue has caused me a lot of troubles; you know, many people used to help me a lot, but now everyone…

Psalm Adjeteyfio said, “I even knew that some people contributed money in States to be transferred to me; the instant they heard [that the Vice President had handed me the money], everyone went after his money.”

In September of last year, the veteran begged out for aid, stating that he needed GH3,000 to pay his rent or face being ejected. After hearing his plea, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia donated GH50,000 to him.

People have ceased lending a helping hand to the veteran actor since the vice president provided him with the financial donation, according to the veteran actor, prompting his choice to beg for leftovers.

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