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Covid-19 vaccination: Sammy Gyamfi reacts to Doctor’s petition against vaccine rollout

The National Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who opposes obligatory vaccination, has inquired what his detractors think of a petition made by several medical doctors opposing the vaccine deployment.

This comes after he was widely chastised for his opposing stance on Ghana’s obligatory immunization program.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has received a letter from 11 doctors requesting that the statewide vaccine deployment in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic be halted.

According to the experts, the hazards connected with these vaccines outweigh the possible benefits, if any, based on the data gathered thus far.

The doctors, who name themselves Concerned Ghanaian Doctors, wrote a petition on Monday, January 10, 2022, citing how the virus is still a problem in the UK and Israel, despite high vaccination rates in their respective populations.

“These nations have extremely high vaccination rates and are actively implementing booster programs, but they are still battling to control the virus, particularly with these novel varieties,” the doctors wrote in the joint plea.

“Assuming we vaccinate more than 50% of our population as a country, will we continue with boosters every 3 to 6 months in an attempt to preserve vaccine-induced immunity for this disease?”

“Where do we go from here if these immunizations don’t stop Covid-19 infection or spread?” Is this a financially viable option for us as a country?”

They claimed that the case fatality rate is lower than expected, especially given the low number of citizens who are testing.

Vaccines becoming a mandate, they believe, is simply a gimmick by some pharmaceutical corporations to make money.

“Vaccines are no longer a priority if there is a safe, effective, inexpensive, and publicly available early treatment for Covid-19.”

“It doesn’t take a genius to see how pharmaceutical companies profit from stigmatizing possible early, successful cures.

“It’s fantastic news for humanity’s struggle against Covid-19 if these treatments succeed. If they don’t work, they are effectively placebos. If it’s about health, why are these early treatments being suppressed and demonized?

“Given all of this, wouldn’t it be prudent to pause and consider whether these innovative vaccines are indeed necessary?” they questioned.

Ghana, and Africa as a whole, must take the lead in the fight against Covid-19, according to them.

“Even before the vaccines, all relevant indicators reveal that Ghana and Africa as a whole fared better than the rest of the world in terms of the pandemic.”

“It’s likely that the rest of the world would rather learn from us than from them.”

Drs. Timothy Oblijah Armah, Bismark Opoku-Asare, Faisal Adjei, William Ghunney, and Bernard Boateng Adjei are the doctors.

Dr. Doreen Oye Agyei, Dr. Michael Agyemang-Wiredu, Dr. Richard Fayah, and Dr. Sedem Cyril Klinogoh are the others.

Dr. Phil Dowuona and Dr. Emmanuel Awuttey make up the rest of the team.

“I wonder what my critics will say now that Medical Doctors, scientists, especially infectious disease specialists have come out to validate my views against compulsory COVID-19 vaccine,” Sammy Gyamfi stated in a tweet on Wednesday, January 12.

Only Ghana, according to Sammy Gyamfi, is pushing for obligatory immunization.

On Wednesday, January 12, he remarked on the Sunrise show on 3FM, hosted by Alfred Ocansey, that one can now enter the United States and other regions of the world without immunization.

“Today, you can enter the United States without having been vaccinated. Only Ghana is pushing for mandated vaccination, according to Sammy Gyamfi, a private legal practitioner.

“We have been doing so well without this obligatory immunization,” he continued. Take a look at the countries that have the greatest immunization rates; they are still fighting the virus.

“A health counselor argues that if you have troubles, it implies the vaccine is functioning, thus some people hide their problems.” You can’t hold anyone liable if you get the vaccine and something bad occurs to you.”

He had filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General (AG) and the Ghana Health Service (GHS) over the required vaccinations.

“A declaration that the Respondents’ impugned directions violate or threaten to violate the Applicants’ fundamental human rights as outlined in Article 21(1)(g) of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution,” he says.

“A declaration that the Respondents’ impugned orders were invalid under Section 2(1) of the Imposition of Restrictions Act, 2020 (ACT 1012) and Sections 21, 22, and 30 of the Public Health Act, 2012 (ACT 851).”

“A declaration that the Respondents’ impugned orders are irrational and in violation of the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana’s standards on the administration of Emergency Use Authorized medicinal items.”

“A determination that the Respondents’ impugned orders violate the World Health Organization’s guidelines for verification of COVID-19 vaccination for overseas travelers, and that the same is unreasonable.”

“A determination that the Respondents’ impugned orders violate medical ethics and best practices governing COVID-19 vaccination administration.”


As part of its attempts to combat the coronavirus epidemic, the government implemented an obligatory vaccination program.

This action was taken as part of an effort to keep the rate of infection from rising during the Christmas season.

“Airlines that board passengers without proof of payment for the COVID-19 test and would/could not pay for the test in Ghana will be fined US$3500 per passenger,” according to one of the measures.

“Non-Ghanaian passengers may be refused entry and returned to the point of departure at the expense of the Airline,” according to the rules.

The GHS has designated December as the immunization month.

Dr Patrick Kumah-Aboagye, Director-General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), stated immunization was the safest strategy to cope with the virus during a press conference in Accra on Sunday, November 28, 2021.

He further stated that during the Christmas season, the authorities will boost surveillance procedures at the Kotoka International Airport to guarantee that Covid infections do not rise.

He also stated that the mistakes committed in December of last year, which resulted in an increase in illnesses in January of this year, will not be repeated.

At the KIA, “strict adherence to the protocols will be enforced.” We’re going to step up our surveillance. We anticipate a surge in the number of persons entering the nation.

“We’ll make sure our logistics are in place, we’ll keep our monitoring up to date so we can keep an eye on it, and we’ll look into isolation centers,” he said.

“Our contact tracing will be strengthened,” he stated.

“We’ll work with religious organizations to ensure that Christmas events follow Covid regulations.”

Dr. Anthony Nsia Asare, the President’s Health Advisor, assuaged the anxieties of those concerned about the covid vaccine’s potential negative effects.

He claimed that experiencing headaches, bodily pains, and other symptoms is typical. According to him, these are signs that the vaccine is working well in the body.

“If you’ve been vaccinated and have a minor headache, it implies the vaccine is working really well,” he remarked on TV3’s Key Points with Dzifa Bampoh on Saturday, December 4.

Dr. Nsia Asare also asked everybody who has not yet received their vaccines to do so in order to save their own and others’ lives.

According to him, Ghana could not afford to experience the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic, thus the government, through the Ghana Health Service (GHS), has stepped up the vaccination campaign to ensure that as many people as possible are vaccinated.

He claimed that vaccination centers are being built that are closed to the general public, including market areas, to make the process easier for them.

“We cannot afford a fourth wave,” he stated, adding that “if you get vaccinated, we can all accomplish this together.”

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) released new instructions this week to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in Ghana, just in time for the Christmas season.

Measures to vaccinate as many people as possible before Christmas on December 25 are included in the instructions.

“All persons, 18 years and above, arriving in Ghana will be expected to give documentation of full vaccination for Covid-19 vaccinations,” the GHS said in a news release on Thursday, December 9.

“All unvaccinated Ghanaians and residents who are currently outside the country and plan to return within 14 days of December 12, 2021 midnight are exempt.” They would, however, be vaccinated when they arrived at the airport.”

“All Ghanaians flying out of the country must be completely vaccinated effective 12th midnight 2021,” the statement continued.

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