• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Speaking against pastors attracts leprosy – Pastor Oyedepo warns critics of the church

Bishop David Oyedepo, Nigeria’s prominent clergyman and leader of the Living Faith Church, has declared that God might smite anyone who talks against his apostles sent to preach the gospel.

Bishop Oyedepo recently revealed that anyone who speaks ill of or makes false accusations against authentic men of God and the church of Christ can be leprous.

He warned against using hurtful remarks on preachers during the Leadership Empowerment Summit held at the church’s headquarters in Ogun State.

He went on to say that many guys who ignored the warning were infected with leprosy.

“Beware of expressing hurt against the Ministry you profess to be furthering, it’s a risk,” Bishop Oyedepo said. Be wary of speaking ill of a prophet in whom you profess to believe. It is quite hazardous. It has the potential to turn a man leprous. It is quite hazardous. We don’t have any information on how many people were harmed as a result of this warning, but I’m sure it was a significant number.”

Meanwhile, Basketmouth, a Nigerian comedian, has stated that he will not hesitate to criticize pastors who do not follow the gospel’s precepts.

He stated that the warning will not stop him from exposing “false” preachers.

“This news dey make me giggle coz I’m so guilty of this,” Basketmouth wrote on Instagram. I did it seven more times yesterday and fifteen times today, with 50 more to go today.”

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