• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Chief of Staff gave me ¢40k before Bawumia’s ¢50k – Psalm Adjetefio reveals

The financial plight of veteran actor Psalm Adjetefio has gotten national attention in recent days.

According to the information available, he received an additional money from the Office of the Chief of Staff prior to the gifts, which has been making the rounds in the news.

The actor, who rose to fame in the 2000s television series ‘Taxi Driver,’ has publicly admitted to being in financial trouble.

Many people are surprised by the situation, given the outpouring of support for him in September of last year, when he publicly appealed for help to pay his rent.

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia contributed $50,000, and Greater Accra Regional Minister Henry Quartey provided a monthly stipend of $1,500.

T. T., on the other hand, says that his circumstances haven’t changed all that much since he was caught on tape begging for leftover food earlier this week.

“Good afternoon, MzGee; I was hoping you would have some leftovers in your kitchen,” he added.

The news has elicited diverse emotions, with many people questioning his financial decisions.

T. T. said he received a call from the Office of the Chief of Staff in September 2021, checking if his phone was registered to his Mobile Money account, in an interview on Accra’s Okay FM.

Mr Adjetefio stated that he responded affirmatively, and that his account was credited with the funds shortly after.

“They deposited $40,000 into my MoMo account…

On Wednesday, January 12, he added, “They were the first people.”

This takes the total number of donations received by Psalm Adjetefio to 90,000.

The seasoned actor used parables to explain how he spent the Chief of Staff’s money.

“If you’ve ever driven on the road I’ve traveled, you’ll see that it’s riddled with potholes. Before you continue, you must purchase gravel to plug the holes and achieve a uniform level,” he added.

“You’re a single mother or father with three children. If you have adult children and you need to assist them in becoming stable… because when you get such a large sum of money, you already have financial pressures to deal with.”

My assistants have abandoned me – T.T.

In the previously leaked recording, he indicated that after the Vice President’s gesture was announced, all other possible donors pulled away.

“Right now, the issue has caused me a lot of troubles; you know, a lot of people used to be really helpful to me…

“I even knew that some people in the United States had contributed money to be transferred to me, and as soon as they heard it, everyone went to get their money,” he stated.

He further revealed that the remainder of the Greater Accra Minister’s gift has failed to reach his account after he received the first tranche.

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