• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Tarkwa Police Commander and MCE feud over ‘Sasabronsam’ comment

The Municipal Chief Executive, Benjamin Kesse, and the Tarkwa Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent George Kumah, appear to be brewing enmity over an alleged manhandling of a young man – Yaw Arthur – widely known to be the MCE’s protégé.

According to reports, during a community radio conversation, Yaw Arthur referred to the Police Commander as ‘Sasrabonsam.’ The Akan word ‘Sasrabonsam’ refers to the devil.

In an audio recording obtained by Connect FM, Yaw Arthur and another person are heard in a radio conversation discussing the Commander over a long-running chieftaincy dispute at Dompim.

The two chastised Chief Supt. Kumah for allegedly supporting one of the fighting factions while pursuing members of the opposing party.

One of them referred to the Police Commander as “Sasrabonsam” because of his involvement.

“We are aware that the Tarkwa Police Commander is the community’s family patriarch. We are well aware of his track record in this neighborhood, which is dismal. The voice in the tape said, “I can authoritatively declare that he was born by Sasabronsam, which is why he behaves like that, but we are ready to meet him boot-for-boot.”

The Commander is said to have overheard the conversation and “sent his men to pick him up.”

Yaw Arthur stated on Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show on Thursday, January 13 that he was assaulted viciously in front of the Commander, stressing that “the thrashing was so terrible that I couldn’t even walk and had to be brought downstairs.”

In response, Chief Superintendent George Kumah, the police commander, informed host Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson that the victim is lying.

He alleges that the Municipal Chief Executive is attempting to smear the young man’s hard-earned reputation.

“They have been attempting to make the Dompim community ungoverned, but we will not allow that as a police command.” They have been causing all kinds of turmoil in the community by hiding behind chieftaincy issues with the MCE’s support. They fabricate stories against us whenever we try to reach an agreement. We picked him up, and when he arrived at my office, he collapsed, prompting me to give him money for medical treatment. “None of the rumors he’s been spreading have come true, and no one has ever touched him,” the Commander replied.

MCE Benjamin Kesse afterwards voiced his disbelief at the Police Commander’s on-air remark in an interview.

“I am taken aback. If you have any cause to believe or suspect that I have done something, it is preferable if he contacts me and we discuss it. His choice is unexpected. How can we be able to strategize about the municipality’s security if this is what he has in mind for me?”

“This whole Yaw Arthur thing is suspect,” he continued. The Police Commander has sent me a text message threatening to arrest Yaw Arthur. And he is the only one who knows why.”

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