• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Bawku turmoil: MCE calls for security protection for school children

Following ongoing chieftaincy disturbances in the area, the Bawku Municipal Assembly in the Upper East Region said increased security deployment is essential to ensure the safety of kids when basic schools begin on January 18, 2022.

Students in Bawku’s tertiary and second cycle institutions would be escorted by security escorts, according to the assembly.

Amadu Hamza, the Bawku Municipal Chief Executive, told the media that if the government does not send more security personnel to the area, it will be difficult to protect schoolchildren from feuding factions in all basic schools.

“The minister and I are working day in and day out to ensure that we get security to escort students to go in there and also to ensure their safety while they are in school.”

“There are some Kusasis in there,” he said, as an example. They’re frightened that if they arrive, their lives will be in jeopardy.”

Amadu Hamza, the Bawku Municipal Chief Executive, said his organization is considering security measures to maintain peace in the area.

In December of last year, there was gunfire in some parts of town after attempts to complete final funeral rituals for a Chief who died around 41 years earlier.

The Upper East Regional Security Council forbade the wearing of a smock and male pillion riders, among other things.

Mr. Hamza said the security escort is being provided for the contending factions outside the school in an attempt to prevent an attack.

His overarching goal is to keep such emotions from erupting and causing havoc in the community.

The impact of the tensions, according to Mr. Hamza, were even affecting income generation.

“As we speak, the women have abandoned the market.” They’ve created fictitious markets. As an example, he stated that “getting into these taxes is challenging.”

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