• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

I’m the only professional midwife doing music in Ghana – iOna Reine Brags

iOna Reine, a dancehall artist, has declared that she is proud to be Ghana’s only professional midwife who performs music.

Her first love, she claims, has always been music. Despite her busy schedule in the hospital, iOna finds time to produce music for her admirers in the studio.

The singer thanked fans for their support in a recent Facebook post in which she shared a photo of herself in her white midwifery uniform.

“I’m glad I’m the only professional midwife in Ghana who plays music.” Despite my hectic schedule, I continue to produce high-quality music that pleases my audience. I’m honored to have you as a supporter. Don’t forget to listen to my new single, which is now trending. GYAIME.”

iOne made headlines recently after revealing that males who enjoy ‘eating out’ women during sexual intercourse usually have pink lips.

“I hear that it makes the guys have pink lips. So if you see a guy with pink lips, just know he usually goes down on women. The acidity in the vagina helps cleanse the lips so you don’t need all these pink lips balm or scrubs,” she stated in an interview with Arnold Mensah Alavanyo.

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