• Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Bagbin not endangered over temporal withdrawal of security detail – Ghanaians told

Following the withdrawal of Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin’s security detail, Awudu Mahama, Managing Editor of the Custodian Newspaper, claims that the current government will never jeopardize the Speaker’s life.

The Ghana Armed Forces have withdrew military soldiers assigned to Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin’s security detail for his safety.

The officers were deployed without due protocol, according to a letter from the Ghana Armed Forces signed by the Chief of Staff and delivered to the Speaker. The soldiers have been with the Speaker since he took office in January 2021.

The deployment will be regularized once their departure, according to the letter. It did not, however, provide a date for the redeployment.

“The temporary departure of the Speaker’s security detail is not harming him, and such a posture should not be pushed,” Awudu Mahama said in response to the letter. If the Speaker is not protected, the administration will pay the repercussions, thus they will take no steps to threaten him.”

Because the Speaker is a member of the opposition, the Editor believes that if “any harm befalls the Speaker,” the entire country will rise up against the government. We should be concentrating our efforts on ensuring the safety of the Speaker and all state ministers.”

When it comes to the Speaker of Parliament’s security, the standard of procedure has always been that the detail assigned to them must be made up of police officers. However, the Speaker’s security detail includes military soldiers for the first time in the nation’s history.

Awudu Mahama viewed this break from the norm as not extraordinary, especially given the current circumstances, on the Editors’ Take edition of the Happy Morning Show with host Samuel Eshun.

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