• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Berekum: Suspect who stabbed a police officer killed

Police have shot and killed a man described as Yaw Peprah, the suspect in the stabbing and killing of a police officer at Nyamebekyere Police Station in the Berekum District of the Bono Region.

According to reports, the guy was apprehended by an officer (name withheld) after making threats to harm someone. When Yaw arrived at the police station, he pulled out a knife from his pocket and severely attacked the officer behind the counter before fleeing.

He was smoked out of his hiding location in Komfuokrom, Berekum, after a manhunt.

He allegedly resisted arrest and assaulted police officers once more. He was in the middle of it when he was shot and confirmed dead at the hospital.

“He was shot after multiple attempts to disarm him failed,” according to a police statement. He was also taken to the Holy Family Hospital for treatment, but when he arrived, he was pronounced dead.”

Following the attack, the stabbed police officer was transported to the Holy Family Hospital, but he died soon after.

“On reaching the frontage of the Police station, the suspect who was armed with a knife hidden in his pocket attacked and stabbed the NCO severely on the neck and other parts of the body. The NCO was rushed to the Holy Family Hospital for treatment but died shortly on admission,” the statement added.

The Police Administration has earlier requested that the media remain silent about the incident until the family of the dead officer has been properly briefed.

“Meanwhile, we respectfully urge the public, especially the Media not to put the name of the officer and any sensitive details about the incident in the media until the family is duly briefed.”

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