• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Confirmed: Avian Influenza hits Bono Region

Two instances of Avian Influenza have been confirmed by the Bono Regional Directorate of Agriculture in Sunyani (H5).

The Regional Rapid Response Team (RPHRRT), according to the directorate, responded quickly to limit the sickness.

The crew collected 8,400 diseased birds from the two sites, killed them, and buried them.

When the sick birds were picked up, 2,100 of them were already dead.

“I wish to bring to the attention of the general public and poultry producers in particular of verified cases of Avian Flu (H5) at two locations in the Sunyani and its surrounds,” the Bono Regional Director of Agriculture, Denis Abugri Amenga, stated in a press statement.

The message went on to say that restrictions on the movement of poultry and products from the impacted farms had been placed in place.

“Poultry producers are urged to beef up bio-security measures on their farms and report any suspicious cases to the nearest veterinary office,” says the statement.

According to graphic.com.gh, the sickness was discovered around a week ago, with samples being transported to Accra for laboratory analysis.

The findings of the analysis, which were received on Friday, verified the disease outbreak.

The region is the tenth in the country to confirm instances of Avian Flu, according to Dr Donald Joachim Darko, the Bono Regional Veterinary Officer.

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