• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

NIA suspends registration over alleged machine theft


Jan 17, 2022 , ,

Following the suspected loss of their computers, the National Identification Authority has halted registration and card issuance at the Kpeshie Zonal Centre in Accra.

The practice has been halted until further notice, according to a notice issued by the center.

Meanwhile, the National Communication Authority (NCA) has stated that more registration sites will be deployed across the country to relieve congestion at existing locations.

The NCA stated in a statement that it understands customers’ irritation and inconvenience in completing the second stage of the SIM Card registration process.

“As a result, the NCA has been working assiduously with MNOs and the SIM Card registration application developer to improve the registration process and mitigate the current challenges,” the NCA assured.

The Authority also lists a number of improvements to the process, including “the deployment of additional registration points corresponding with each MNO’s subscriber numbers to reduce congestion.”

“In this regard, outlets such as distributors’ shops, retail centers and other agent touch points across the country are being used for the SIM registration exercise.”

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