• Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Speaker’s military pullout appears to be ill-timed – Saani, Adib

Security analyst, Adib Saani, believes the timing of the evacuation of military attachés appointed to the Speaker of Parliament is ill-timed.

The four officers were assigned “without due protocol,” according to a letter from the Chief of Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces, NP Andoh, to the Speaker.

The letter added, “It is respectfully asked that the staff be withdrawn with effect from 14 January 2022 while attempts are made to regularize their attachment.”

In a statement, Mr. Adib Saani commented on the development, saying that while it is common procedure to rotate VIP security details for a variety of reasons, the timing of the speaker’s security detail raises certain concerns.

“When an officer gets promoted, he may be assigned to a more difficult duty and may be removed from his current post, while others may be moved to avoid emotional attachment to where they have been for a period of time… However, there are some worries about the timing of this withdrawal.

“I am opposed to military soldiers being connected to public officials…

“I believe the spontaneous and flimsy justification presented for the withdrawal gives the impression that a powerful figure is unhappy with the Speaker,” he stated.

This was stated by Adib Saani in a statement on January 17, 2022.

Meanwhile, the National Security Ministry has debunked reports that the speaker’s safety has been jeopardized.

The ministry in a statement said, “It would like to place on record that contrary to the aforesaid misrepresentations, all requisite resources including logistics and personnel required for full protection of the Speaker have been provided.

“It is worth noting that for the first time since 2017, the security arrangements for both the Speaker and Members of Parliament have been significantly enhanced.

“It also needs stating that personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces do not form part of the security detail for the Speaker and Parliament as Parliamentary security support is provided by the Ghana Police Service. Any need for specific agency support is typically executed on the need-basis in accordance with stated state protocols,” the statement from the National Security Ministry said.

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