• Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Teacher unions kick against GES’s semester calendar, calls for immediate redraw.

The unions in a joint statement, warned they will fight the policy vehemently if the government does not reverse its decision.

“We state emphatically that at no point in time were the Unions in Education consulted on such a major policy decision…Per our Collective Agreement with regard to our working conditions, major policies such as this should come for discussion and negotiation,” they said in the statement.

They pointed out that such an academic calendar could harm both instructors and students, and they urged the government to reconsider its decision, or they would vehemently oppose it.

“We, therefore, call on the GES to immediately withdraw the policy, pending full consultations with the Unions in Education and other major stakeholders and do serve notice, that failure to do so would be resisted fiercely,” – they added.

The Ghana Education Service stated last week that public Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior High Schools will begin using a semester-based academic calendar.

According to GES, the new approach will help relieve teacher stress, decongest schools, and match academic calendars, among other things.

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