• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Ghana won’t accept migrants from UK – Government

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has refuted reports in UK publications that the British government is planning to deport migrants to countries like Rwanda and Ghana for processing and resettlement.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has been made aware that UK newspapers published details of a document dubbed “Operation Dead Meat” this morning, which includes, among other things, a measure allegedly being drafted by UK authorities to “send migrants to countries such as Rwanda and Ghana for processing and resettlement.”

The Foreign Affairs Ministry declared, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration wishes to state explicitly that Ghana has not engaged with the UK on any such plan and does not intend to consider any such operation in the future.”

Asylum applicants could be transported to Ghana and Rwanda as part of measures to curb migrant Channel crossings, according to the Dailymail tabloid on Monday.

British ministers are thought to be working on plans to send illegal immigrants to other countries for processing and resettlement.

According to The Times, Home Secretary Priti Patel and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss are discussing ‘outsourcing’ the refugee procedure to other countries.

The UK would pay another country to take on the burden, but no country has volunteered to do so thus far.

Albania was mentioned as a potential destination in November of last year, but those conversations are thought to have fallen through.

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