• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Ningo-Prampram NDC congratulates Sam George for winning ‘Overall Best MP’

The Constituency Secretariat of the Ningo-Prampram National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Greater Accra Region has congratulated Member of Parliament Sam George for being named the overall best MP of 2021 by FAKS Investigative Services.

The MP’s “dexterity and ability to continuously search for solutions to challenges of his constituency and the nation as a whole” was praised in a statement signed by the Constituency Chairman, Enoch Kwame Nortey.

“It’s not surprising since you’ve already been recognized in a similar way by U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davies, among other well-deserved honors.”

“The path to success is always extreme, and those who are always ready to take on new obstacles and have the courage to overcome them are the ones who are rewarded with great achievements.” We congratulate you for having such a strong identity, as evidenced by your struggle against LGBTQIAA+ in our country. Indeed, you overcome numerous challenges to reach this level.”

It also praised the MP’s unwavering opposition to LGBTQIAA+ activities, as well as their legalization.

“Today, the Ghanaian people have such a strong dislike for LGBTQIAA+ that they are willing to reject it categorically.” As the principal advocate, I appreciate your efforts. “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” you said, “has become so well-known among Ghanaians that it will be remembered for decades, if not centuries.”

“It is our desire that you never limit yourself by a lack of resources; rather, in the next years, you will push yourself to new heights.” “Certainly, you can count on our unwavering support in all of your endeavors,” it continued.

FAKS Investigative Services has released the Ministerial, Deputy Ministerial, and Regional Ministerial Performance Report for the year 2021.

Members of Parliament and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the country were also evaluated in the annual poll.

The poll primarily focuses on public perceptions, ministry and agency assessments, and information from Regional Coordinating Councils (RCCs).

The public, as respondents, played a significant role in the survey’s outcome, particularly in regards to Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Regional Ministers, and CEOs of State Institutions.

Its team consists of researchers, media practitioners, and academics who conduct assessments depending on the findings they have obtained.

The poll was conducted between October and December 2021, and it was the tenth edition since FAKS began this project.

Journalists, students, traders in general, traditional rulers, instructors, company owners, civil society organizations (CSOs), drivers, academia, and others were among those who responded to the poll.

Approximately 69 percent of those polled were between the ages of 18 and 55, with the remaining 31% falling between the ages of 56 and 77.

Greater Accra Region, Western Region, Eastern, Central, Volta, Bono, Oti, Western North, Bono East, Upper East, Upper West, Savanna, Ahafo, North East, and Northern Region correspondingly had the most respondents.

In total, 3,953 people responded, accounting for 91.36 percent of the 4,327 people that responded in the 2020 survey.

2,365 of the 3,953 feedbacks received throughout the period were females, representing 59.83 percent, while the remaining 1,588 were males, representing 40.17 percent. In the meantime, the ranking ranged from 50 to 100 percent.

FAKS Investigative Services is a research and investigation organization based in Ghana.

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