• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

We want the best for our kids, please Bear with us – GES to parents

The Public Relations Officer for GES, Cassandra Twum Ampofo, has urged parents and the general public to be more tolerant and open-minded regarding a plan to convert the present trimester system in kindergarten, primary, and junior high schools to a semester system.

The GES’s newly suggested semester-based academic calendar has been met with strong opposition and criticism. According to the new system, kids in these grades will spend 40 of the 52 weeks of the year in the classroom.

This means that kids will spend 20 weeks in school each semester and 40 weeks in total for the year.

As a result, several education stakeholders and unions have criticized the plan, claiming that it will be harmful and unhelpful for children, particularly because it will require students to spend more time in school.

However, contrary to popular belief, the GES claims that the policy is aimed at the better good of students.

“We have even reduced the number because normally, we have 42 weeks but the committee which met brought it to 40 weeks, of course, there is one-month vacation between each of the 20 weeks and then we have holidays, weekends, and all of that and that has been the case,” Madam Twum Ampofo, the service’s PRO, told JoyNews. Even while we were completing the trimester, we had 12, sometimes 14, weeks; it’s just that we were aligning to the basic and senior high school semesters, so it appeared to be a longer span.

“We encourage our parents and everyone to be patient with us since it is the best we can do for our children.”

She did, however, say that more talks and discussions with stakeholders are needed to guarantee that, in the end, all parties achieve a consensus and are satisfied.

“We always welcome any and all discussions.” We will consider whatever discussions are on the table. “I can’t say for sure if we’ll reconsider the decision or not, but I know this is a policy issue that will come from the ministry,” she added. “I know the minister and director-general will absolutely look into it, and then we’ll welcome all perspectives and then see what’s best for the country.”

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