• Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Armed robbers rape and beat passengers onboard a ‘trotro’

On Friday, January 13, 2022, armed robbers numbering around five pretended to be driving a ‘trotro’ bus (commercial vehicle) to Madina and raped women onboard while subjecting the males to harsh beatings.

The well-built males also stole money and cellphones from their victims.

Three of the armed robbers pretended to be passengers on board the vehicle, while the remaining two disguised themselves as the bus driver and conductor, according to one of the victims, a University of Ghana student who did not divulge his identity.

According to the student, the armed robbers chose to avoid the heavy traffic around Achimota, as most commercial drivers do, but they planned to locate a favorable chance to carry out their plan.

When they arrived in a wooded area, he added, the robbers requested the passengers to exit the bus and demanded their phones and money.

The females, on the other hand, stated that they did not have any money on them and only had their phones.

“To replace the money, the armed robbers raped the ladies in turn. Each of the ladies was raped by all five thieves. When it came time for me to hand up my belongings, I informed them I wouldn’t hand over my phone because it had all of my books and other critical paperwork. They were enraged, so they did not spare me. “They gave me a lot of lashes and then took my phone away,” he explained.

Other crew members were thrashed as well.

Inspections of commercial vehicles, particularly those that are not filled, are urged by the Ghana Police Service so that armed robbery does not establish a trend or a new strategy.

Passengers should also be cautious and observant when boarding commercial vehicles.

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