• Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Maakro M/A Primary ‘A’ classrooms turned into brothel – Headmistress laments

Mrs. Florence Tawiah, the Headmistress of Maakro M/A Primary ‘A’ School in the Suame Municipal of the Ashanti region, has expressed her dissatisfaction with the locals’ conversion of their classrooms into a brothel.

According to the headmistress, this was due to a lack of classrooms and poor evening security at the school.

On Thursday, January 20, 2022, at the school, the headmistress told Otec News’ correspondent, Simon Opoku Afriyie, that the situation has also allowed ‘wee’ smokers to practice their immoral deeds.

As a result, the school has requested that the Ghana Education Service (GES) construct a barrier wall around the school to protect it from these immoral and criminal practices.

“Because of the lack of a fence wall, residents have been able to bring in their boyfriends and girlfriends to indulge in sexual activities.” “In the mornings, condoms and tissues are sometimes seen in the classrooms,” she claimed.

“Wee smokers have taken over the classrooms in the evenings and during the day.” Mrs Tawiah continued, “Sometimes I have to fight them to go so that teachings and learning can continue.”

“All of the issues in the school are due to a lack of proper and/or tight security service, as well as a fence wall that has not been built around the school to prohibit undesired incursions, therefore the GES should rescue us from these challenges for effective teaching and learning,” she pleaded.

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