• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Social media reacts to the outrageous admission and tuition fees charged by a school in Ghana

Merton International Primary and High School, located in Accra’s North Ridge neighborhood, has enraged some social media users with its exorbitant admission and tuition rates.

According to the school’s official webpages, the school’s mission is to “create a top breed of citizens capable of responding to the complexity of our millennium through the influence they will have in their local communities.”

This explains why, in addition to the entry and tuition costs, they charge such exorbitant amounts for various useless products.

After going to seek admission for his child, a concerned father discussed the pricing for their admission and tuition fees, as well as the prices for their miscellaneous products.

The school charges 15K for entrance, 13K for tuition, and GHC400 for assessment fees. School uniforms, which cost GHC820, are another incidental item that adds to the exorbitant prices.


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