• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

NADMO on the explosion: ‘Almost 95% of houses in Bogoso-Appiate are gone’.

According to the National Disaster Management Organization, NADMO, the ‘massive’ explosion that happened on Thursday destroyed over 95 percent of the over 200 residences in Bogoso-Appiate in the Western Region.

The Deputy NADMO Director for Prestea Huni Valley, Louis Afful, revealed on the Citi Breakfast Show on Friday that the explosion happened in two parts, one underneath and another on top, harming residents in the process.

“The majority of the residences in the region are on the left side of the road; unfortunately, the impact was concentrated on the left side for us.” Almost all of the homes in the neighborhood have been demolished.”

“On the other side of the road, there are a couple of structures, including a church and a school.” The explosion had such a powerful impact that it knocked out a transformer. The truck is nowhere to be found.”

He went on to say that the damage was particularly severe because the majority of the dwellings in the neighborhood are made of mud.

“In this location, the majority of the houses are made of mud.

These houses were carried away first, as they are in the foreground. The block dwellings were at the back, and there were just four of them left, including a six-unit classroom block.”

“Around 95 percent of the approximately 200 households were carried away, in my judgment.”

As authorities mobilize rescue efforts, 17 people have been confirmed deceased, while 59 people have been injured in the catastrophic blast.

According to the government, 42 of the 59 injured people are receiving care, and several are in serious condition, according to a statement from the Information Ministry.

It therefore described some of the government’s current actions to deal with the crisis.

According to preliminary police investigations, the explosion occurred when a vehicle bringing explosives to a mining site collided with a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Chirano Gold Mines has confirmed that the truck that exploded was on its way to its facility.

The truck, according to the mining firm, belongs to MAXAM, a mining services provider.

To prevent a secondary explosion, the government has dispatched a joint team of police and military explosion experts to assess the situation and implement the necessary safeguards.

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